Euglena gracilis

For food supplemets, cosmetics and vitamin preparations
Euglena gracilis is a unicellular green alga, which is rich in essential and valuable substances such as paramylon (beta-glucan), lipids (omega-3 fatty acids) and vitamin E. The content of the respective components is variable and can be specifically controlled by adjustments during cultivation. The isolated products are used in many different ways as food supplements, cosmetics, vitamin preparations or as therapeutic immune stimulants.

Euglena gracilis contains the largest part of minerals, trace elements and vitamins that are (super)vital for humans as well as being a vegan food.

Alongside plant nutrients such as vitamin E and folic acid, Euglena gracilis contains important nutrients that are otherwise only found in animal foods, such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B1. At the same time Euglena gracilis is rich in dietary fibre. All these nutrients are suitable as dietary supplements for a vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian diet and contribute to a balanced diet.

Euglena gracilis provides the body with valuable chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll has approximately the same chemical structure as the human blood pigment haemoglobin. Chlorophyll is said to prevent premature cell aging throughout the body due to its positive effect on the vitality of the blood.

Euglena gracilis is surrounded by a decomposable cell membrane.

A good utilization of plant nutrients usually fails because the cell wall, fibres etc. cannot be digested sufficiently. Up to 60 % of the valuable ingredients are excreted unused. In contrast to other plants which are surrounded by a cell wall, the cell envelope of Euglena gracilis consists of solid but flexible proteins. This pellicle can be decomposed in the human digestive tract so that the body can utilize the valuable ingredients of Euglena gracilis.
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