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Interview with our founders

Image source: Algenium In an interview with our founders told the story behind Algenium. Who are we, where do we come from and where is the journey going? These questions are answered in the text. Click here for the interview (German only):

We are from Bielefeld!

Image source: We are pleased to be represented on the website. The initiative of WEGE Wirtschaftsförderung Bielefeld (WEGE Business Development Bielefeld) has set itself the goal of improving the networking of Bielefeld as a business location and thus making it even stronger.

We are a member of InnovatorsNet!

Image source: InnovatorsNET We have been a member of InnovatorsNet, the innovation network of the AiF FTK, since January. The German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF) is a network which aims to connect innovators from industry, research and politics. We are looking forward to a lively exchange and are curious to see what contacts […]
Bild zum Thema Wissenschaftsjahr auf der Website von Algenium - Mikroalgen Made in Germany

The Science Year 2020

Image source: The Science Year 2020 is entitled “Bioeconomy”. With this initiative, the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education wants to draw attention to projects that are already working towards a more sustainable economy. One of the key issues in this field is the production of biomass from algae. This is exactly where […]
Bild zum Thema Bioökonomie auf der Website von Algenium - Mikroalgen Made in Germany

Bioeconomy 2030

Image source: On 15.01.2020, the German Federal Cabinet passed the Bioeconomy Strategy 2030. The core objective is to create “a sustainable, cycle-oriented and innovative German economy”. The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Federal Ministry of Education and Research are in charge of implementing the strategy. For us, the formulation of this strategy […]

Relaunch Homepage

Image source: Agrarmonitor We are happy to present our new website. Our technical partner, Betriko GmbH, has really given everything and provided us with this new look. We thank you very much for this!