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About microalgae

Microalgae are single-cell organisms who live in almost every waters on the planet. They are known for their high levels of proteins, their unsaturated fatty acids and variety of vitamins. To grow they only need water, heat, nutrients and CO2.
Microalgae production requires considerably less area than a corn field and produces considerably more biomass in a shorter period of time.

Microalgae cultivation is active environmental protection

Microalgae utilise CO2 in large quantities and in return produce pure oxygen. In combination with their valuable and rich nutrients, microalgae as food thus represent a counterbalance to the environmental aspects of (mass) animal husbandry and overfishing of the oceans. At the same time, the cultivation of microalgae preserves farmland for the cultivation of food crops.
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Use of Science

We cultivate in photobioreactors from our own development and production. This enables us to incorporate new research results into our production and to continuously optimize our processes. The modular design of our plant enables us to cultivate many different microalgae species in parallel, so that we can react quickly to changing requirements.

Our microalgae

Among the microalgae that we are working with are the following:
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