Bioeconomy 2030

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On 15.01.2020, the German Federal Cabinet passed the Bioeconomy Strategy 2030. The core objective is to create “a sustainable, cycle-oriented and innovative German economy”. The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Federal Ministry of Education and Research are in charge of implementing the strategy.

For us, the formulation of this strategy is a clear indication that we are on the right track with Algenium. We believe that conventional methods will not be enough and that we need new ideas in order to maintain our leading position as a country in the long term and to maintain our standard of living. As Minister Klöckner stated in the press release, we have to cultivate the raw materials in our country in order to no longer be dependent on imports of fossil fuels in the long term.

Even today, microalgae are already used in many products. Unfortunately, most of them are shipped around the globe. Our mission is to improve both of these aspects: We want to ensure that even more products are created through the use of microalgae and that they are cultivated directly in Germany, thus reducing the impact on the climate by reducing transport distances.

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